Sponsor A Pretty Brown Girl Doll

More than a toy, the signature Pretty Brown Girl Doll “Laila” gives a simple yet powerful message to all girls that they are beautiful inside and out. Girls need to have positive messages associated with dolls that reflect their own images.

The Pretty Brown Girl Doll was named after Laila Crawley, one of the two sisters who inspired the Pretty Brown Girl Movement and Foundation. She serves as the perfect gift; the gift of self-love and self-esteem; the gift of empowerment; the gift that will keep on giving.

“Laila” is sure to bring joy to Pretty Brown Girls all over the world and your contribution will be sowing a great seed for us to continue the momentum of the Pretty Brown Girl Movement. 

Simply make your $50 donation below and The Pretty Brown Girl Foundation will ensure that your gift will be delivered to a special little girl in your honor!