Added Value

Pretty Brown Girl Curriculums foster partnership through which existing institutions can implement a reputable platform and join a conversation that touches so many girls and women in this country.


Each program seeks to acknowledge what it is like to be a brown girl and address the fact that skin tone is still a point of contention, while celebrating girls in a way that is both constructive and fun.


Pretty Brown Girl’s revolutionary K-12 D.R.E.A.M. Program honors young ladies in different ages and stages in life by allowing them a safe space to have their voices heard.

"Empower A Girl, Empower The World" Initiative

Pretty Brown Girl’s revolutionary D.R.E.A.M. Program was designed to build leaders from the inside out, while guiding girls through a self-discovery journey that inspires confidence, self­-love and a passion to pursue their dreams. With our programming, we aim to build character and increase diversity awareness, while developing future leaders.

The Pretty Brown Girl (PBG) Foundation is committed to inspiring positive self-esteem and self-love among our girls and young women. Our goal is to ensure that girls from marginalized communities will not become victims of environmental challenges that are many times exacerbated by bullying, suspension, poverty, single-parent homes, drug abuse, domestic and sexual violence or entering the juvenile justice system.

We have hundreds of schools nationally on our waiting list that have expressed a great need for our K-12 After-School Program, however, they do not have adequate funding. Through our newest initiative, “Empower A Girl, Empower The World”, we seek to connect these deserving schools with women mentors from Black Sororities, Social, Civic & Professional Organizations.

Here is a short video highlighting the impact of our program. Your sponsorship will allow girls to participate in a 15-week program, empowering them to dream their biggest dreams and as well embrace their beautiful shades of brown!

If you’re interested in sponsoring girls or a school in your area with a Pretty Brown Girl Program, simply click the buttons below to complete our sponsorship interest form or make your sponsorship.


Your contributions will allow us to continue the momentum and change our communities, one girl at a time!